It is indeed a matter of great pride that starting from a modest beginning as 'Ruprani Mahila Mahavidyalaya' in 2017, imparting quality education to girls right from the Primary school level to Degree College. I commend each and every one of those who have traveled with us and made this journey memorable. I am confident that with an excellent management committee, dedicated Principal, teachers, and talented students we would succeed in our endeavor to make Mahavidyalaya an institution of excellence. We are committed to empowering the girls not only through education but also by upgrading their skills and personalities. which we believe. I wish all the students a glorious future.

G C Mishra


Once again, the students are standing at our portal with dreams in their eyes. While welcoming them, we at the Mahavidyalaya solemnly assure them that we will sincerely endeavor to strengthen their wings and help them to soar and touch great heights which a large number of our alumni have done in the past. We also assure them that we will always be there for them not only today but in the future also, as their teacher, counsellor, friend and confidant, to impart to them values that will help them to distinguish the right from the wrong, educate them in their chosen subjects, provide to them opportunities for learning new skills that will help them in securing gainful employment and thus empowering them financially, develop their personalities and counsel them whenever they need our help in overcoming the problems in life that they will inevitably be facing. Our continuous effort is to develop our students to become invaluable assets for our society and nation. We once again welcome you and wish you a great future.

Siyaram Pandey